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One Eighth

As producer of long-running locative-media story project [murmur], and a writer, documentarian and digital artist exploring psychogeography and the shifts in perspective on place, self, and one another which can be mediated through creative place-making and spatial annotation with multi-perspective, multi-media cultural content, her attention, in this resulting piece of site-specific storytelling, turned naturally to the link between place, felt association, ancestry, and perceptions of self and belonging.

One Eighth was born out of this first CDS-method experiment, her Norwegian bloodlines, and her walks through Maihaugen and Lillehammer, which provided the physical points of departure from which to explore relationship to ancestral homeland, within and without.

Se flere fortellinger fra denne workshopen: http://digitaltfortalt.no/search?subjects=%22create_share_listen%22 - See more at: http://digitaltfortalt.no/stories/DF.7876/edit#sthash.sNyeAVW6.dpuf


Se flere fortellinger fra workshopen med Joe Lambert, Lillehammer 2011: http://digitaltfortalt.no/search?subjects=%22create_share_listen%22

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  • A beautiful story!

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