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Photo: Lauritzen, Eivind

Audio Guide Akershus Castle

Welcome to Akershus Castle! The castle was first built ca 1300 and was later expanded during the reign of King Christian IV in the 1600s. Today the castle serves as the Norwegian Government’s primary representation rooms. This is the audio guide which is offered to the castle's visitors. It follows the visitor's route through the castle.

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Enjoy your visit!

Akershus Castle at night Photo: Lauritzen, Eivind

1. Introduction - The Courtyard

Ghost Story

The Chamber of the Court Bailiff Photo: Akershus Castle

2. The First Floor of the West Wing

The Dungeon Forsvaret / Torbjørn Kjosvold

3. The Dungeon

The Royal Mausoleum Photo: Akershus Castle

4. The Crypt

The Castle Church Forsvaret / Torbjørn Kjosvold

5. The Castle Church

The Daredevil Forsvaret / Torbjørn Kjosvold

6. The Daredevil

Ghost Story

The Medieval Castle


The East Wing Forsvaret / Torbjørn Kjosvold

7. The East Wing

Tapestries - located in the coat room

Vertumnus and Pomona Photo: Akershus Castle
The Hall of Christian IV Photo: Lauritzen, Eivind

8. The Hall of Christian IV

The King, Princess and the Witches

Christian IV


The Prince's Chamber Photo: Lauritzen, Eivind

The Prince's Chamber and The Green Chamber

The Romerike Hall Photo: Lauritzen, Eivind

10. The Romerike Hall

Ghost Story - The Romerike Peasants


The Margrethe Hall Photo: Akershus Castle

11. The Margrethe Hall

Ghost Story

The Hall of Olav V Photo: Lauritzen, Eivind. ©Mathias Andersson, Kyndill

12. The Hall of Olav V

Ghost Story - The Night Vampires

Henrik Wergeland's Office Photo: Akershus Castle

13. End of Tour and Exit

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